Jesus Came


Year zero, year one,
year two, year three.
Initiating a new era.
They are twenty centuries past,
now, the beginning of the Twenty-First,
two thousand years of history:
He came.
Bread of life, light of the world.
Intense brilliance,
divine power, love, much love.
In the celebration of peace,
Jesus arrived.
He came!
Since long ago, the world was prepared:
Century of Péricles, in Greece;
in Rome, Century of Augustus.
Evolution, changes, new habits:
in the arts, in work,
in being and in life,
glades were opened,
trails were cleared,
new thinking in everything
and everywhere.
Before, time of the Baptist,
now, the time of Jesus.
Jesus came!
At each moment, new thoughts:
stories, parables, counsel;
new education,
wisdom for eternity,
examples for a new heart.
The way, the truth, the life,
now the dark night has stars,
everything is illuminated,
because He came!
The master doesn’t send messages:
the example is He himself.
the manger is simplicity,
the temple, wisdom.
In everything, revelation.
Jesus sees who has eyes to see,
He hears who knows how to hear.
Above everything, good feelings.
He came!
Thank You, my Lord,
thank You, today and always,
thank You with all our heart,
for sending us Jesus,
for bringing us His peace.
He really came!


Autor: Wanderlino Arruda




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